vexoid ?/ E4 ?/ bipolar submissive ?

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Every day is an internal struggle to get herself to terminate her own existence. It would be so easy to it if weren't for the stupid reasons she can't; after all, she's an abusive, evil piece of shit and she's self aware, so the world deserves to be rid of her. However, every time she tries, someone stupid enough to be close to her stops her just in time. Either way, if she gets to the point where she can follow through with it, she gets cold feet because death scares her.

She wants to taste almost everyone she meets, and hopping from bed to bed is the only thing that keeps her happy.

female / pansexual

Scale of desire:9 / Scale of availability:10 / Scale of deviance:9

They'll call you: Freakazoid

Sensory link info: Doesn't form them easily but doesn't try very hard to.