auctoid ?/ E8 ?/ lowkey sub ?

Sponsor: Jephen / Sponsored: na ?

Getting to know her is a moderately impossible challenge due to the difficulty of getting her to open up. However, she's very loving and motherly, and her lack of an ability to be open pains her because she grows attached very fast. It can be hard for people to reciprocate the affections she tries to put out since they usually go undetected.

She hasn't been around for a while, so her lack of experiences can cause her to be naive sometimes. She was built to mingle and be social but was deemed useless as soon as here extremely antisocial personality unsurfaced. She's fairly wealthy for her type due to her frugality.

female / pansexual

Scale of desire:8 / Scale of availability:2 / Scale of deviance:2

They'll call you: My Dear

Sensory link info: Very hard for her to create a link, and hard for her to maintain them, too