vexoid ?/ E4 ?/ conflicted sub ?

Sponsor: Lafayette / Sponsored: na ?

He was designed to be a perfect little emotional support, but his shyness and inexperience make him less so. The fact that he's less ideal for providing comfort makes him constantly in distress... he's at his happiest when he's providing comfort to someone and is being himself.

You know he's been around when everything's neat, tidy and punctual... he's very precise, clean and productive! He loves to be kept busy, or else he'll he trapped in his own mindprison idly thinking about how much of a failure he is.

male / pansexual

Scale of desire:6 / Scale of availability:5 / Scale of deviance:8

They'll call you: Lovely

Sensory link info: Forms them extremely easily, almost instantly upon physical contact, and it's extremely hard for him to drop a link