auctoid ?/ E4 ?/ lowkey submissive ?

Sponsor: unknown / Sponsored: na?

After a brisk yet dull life of doing nothing but monotonous labor and being a dense prude, he was suddenly whisked away into a lifestyle of unpredictability, daring escapades and sexual shenanigans. The moment his life did a heel-face turn was the moment he decided to stop being antisocial and actually make friends.

He probably took it a bit too far when he said "Fuck it", quit his job, and decided to become a vagabond with no aim in mind except to be a little adventurous. Now his life sucks. However, it's cool, because his life has always sucked anyways.

Despite seeming insensitive within the first few moments of meeting him (due to his slightly stoic, rash and pessimistic personality), but he's actually very kind and open minded.

male / pansexual (demisexual/romantic)

Scale of desire:7 / Scale of availability:2 / Scale of deviance:5

They'll call you: Lil Guy/Gal

Sensory link info: Much harder than usual; it takes a while for him to form them but once they're formed, it's impossible for him to drop it