cupoid ?/ E4?/ conflicted dominant ?

Sponsor: Lokela / Sponsored: na ?

He's always had a conflicted nature, hardly being able to differentiate between good and evil. Non-empathetic he's not, but rather unable to decipher which "side of the battle" is the more moral one: the side he was born into that has an imperialistic and slaughter-happy mantra, despite them claiming they're not, or the side that's done nothing wrong but retaliate, despite what his predecessors have made them out to be? This conflict has arisen due to him catching onto the attempts to brainwash him before it worked entirely, but they still conditioned him a little bit.

He and his brothers were "thrown away" not too long after they were made, so he's lived nearly his entire life defending himself in an aggresive urban city - defending himself by hiding and living isolated. He has a pessimistic view of the world but is desperate for someone or something to prove him wrong.

male / pansexual

Scale of desire:5 / Scale of availability:4 / Scale of deviance:6

They'll call you: Weezy

Sensory link info: Harder than usual for him to form, and they require a lot of maintenance to keep