cupoid ?/ E4 ?/ conflicted dominant ?

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Seconds fresh from the conveyer belt, Penn was shoved into a divided world devoid of justice and it has irked him ever since. He won't stop advocating for peace until it's achieved or he's dead.

Instead of hands, he has two claw-like pinchers that prohibit from functioning normally, and it makes everyday tasts seem impossible. He loathes them but is optimistic he'll someday obtain enough money and willpower to get them replaced with actual hands. The thought of sawing off his current limbs is enough to divert his attention away from the thought, though.

He travels around the globe with a thirsty wonderlust and a desire to meet as many people as he can. He's willing to see the good in everyone and believes anybody can be willing to correct their flaws... except for one person. He has a scar on his torso that serves as a reminder that his ex is a bitch and to never let anyone take advantage of him ever again.

male / pansexual

Scale of desire:8 / Scale of availability:6 / Scale of deviance:5

They'll call you: Hottie

Sensory link info: He forms them very easily, he loves people and starts caring for them right away; however, they require a lot of maintenance and keeping up for them to stay