cupoid ?/ E4 ?/ lowkey dominant ?

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He used to be quite egotistical, but now he views himself as nothing but a failure. He failed the only job he had left, which was to protect his brothers and keep them from harm, leaving him with nothing to be proud of. Masking his failure and lying through his teeth about how "everything's going to be okay" is starting to get old.

His countenance is almost always stoic and unreadable except for the occasional vague smirk. To get the real emotional version of him, you'll have to have known him for a long time.

male / pansexual

Scale of desire:6 / Scale of availability:3 / Scale of deviance:4

They'll call you: Bombshell

Sensory link info: It's actually somewhat easy to form a link with him, but it's difficult for him to keep it