(note: powers, abilities and skills are all words that mean the same thing and are used interchangeably.)


Each cog has a power! Their rank will determine the tier of power they will have, whether it's a low tier, middle tier or high tier.

Cogs can advance in their skills by positive and negative means. Skills learned can be lost/forgotten over time if not actively practiced or if they have been acquired by negative means.

Positive training ensures durability, stability and longetivity when it comes to their skills, although it takes longer to train. Negative training is easier; however, it is feeble and disingenuine, and the acquired skills can be very fleeting. Also, the more they focus on one skill while undergoing negative training, the more they'll forget any others (if they have additional tierless powers) .


POSITIVE TRAINING: Auctoids can train by being social and achieving high social status. Auctoids believe in starting from the bottom and working their way up the social ladder, and climbing to the top increases their power. Having a high social status means having many genuine friends, a good reputation and being well-known amongst a vast amount of people. More antisocial cogs can positively train by being inventive and acquiring knowledge.

NEGATIVE TRAINING: They can also train by being deceitful. Lying, tricking, stealing and scamming are all ways to advance their power.


POSITIVE TRAINING: Cupoids can train by acquiring wealth. The accumulation and storage of wealth is irrelevant for positive training, and so is the type of wealth. "Wealth" in this circumstance is strictly materialistic, but may be (and is not limited to) legal tender, precious metals and valuable items.

NEGATIVE TRAINING: To hoard the wealth for themselves will advance their training significantly. However, this makes the acquired skills superficial and not as genuine as wealth accumulated then given away. Generosity is rewarded greatly in the long run.


POSITIVE TRAINING: Vexoids can train by treating others with fairness and an unbiased opinion. A vexoid who advocates equality and justice will advance in training. They can practice this in their profession and interactions with others. They can also train by learning

NEGATIVE TRAINING: They can also train by being biased towards others and showing favor for an unjust cause.


POSITIVE TRAINING: Daxoids can train by being a fair and just leader to others. Positive leadership skills will get them far, but they must also be able to show that they are willing to follow and be humble.

NEGATIVE TRAINING: They can also train by being a selfish and unfair leader as well as causing misery and abuse to others.

TIERLESS TITLES (anyone can be as many as they want/can):

•HYPNOTIST: A cog hypnotist is one that can induce a state of unconscious, obedient tranquility upon willing participants through eye contact. Cogs with strong hypnotic abilities can briefly control properties like the victim's self esteem, moral and state of arousal and can also induce hypnosis upon an unwilling participant.

Several incidents can induce the ability of hypnotism through cogs. Research has been done on a cogs' ability to be hypnotized and to see if one can be deliberately programmed to be "hypnotized" (basically trying to create this power in cogs straight from the factory) but the full magic properties cannot be implemented into one that way. A true hypnotist cog forms when they receive major trauma, particularily to the head. Their eyes will become deformed in some way, usually involving psychedelic colors.

•VIBE CHANNELER: Cogs can form unique sensory links with all of those that they grow close to. The ability to form them varies among every one, and that can range from spawning them almost immediately to barely being able to muster them after years. This is innate and not due to a cog's ability to empathize or grow close to someone, but there's a special enhanced ability that that does measure those. Cogs who have remarkable abilities to empathize, comfort, and put out good feelings grow an ability to channel these efforts to someone from far away. It doesn't always work, but when it does, the recipient will be shrouded in a blanket of serenity and comfort.

Those that can vibe channel also form extra sensitive sensory links and will almost share the feelings of their partner. It can be overwhelming for them to create more than a few links with others, and for some it's too much to form more than one. A channeling link is much better than the average sensory link, but isn't as good as the deluxe links a host can form.

•WITCH DOCTOR: While voodoo has a lot of roots in religious and spiritual practices of the human race and is very extensive, for cogs, voodoo specifically refers to healing and charming/hexing objects. A witch doctor cog can do so with a supernatural magic they possess that's incredibly innate. A cog cannot become a witch doctor without having at least a small amount of natural magic, but those who possess a lot of intrinsic magic will fare better.

In order to become a witch doctor, they have to be annointed as one by a mystic force from their chaos realm, Fiafuzion. If they're carelessly given these abilities by anybody else, havoc will arise all over the land. (You'd think that a chaos realm would love the sound of that, but it's actually quite contrary.) A bot must learn how to channel their personal magic into an object once they've become one. The object doesn't matter, as long as it can be lodged into their crystalline heart it will work, because that's where it must go.

They give off grandiosely unsettling and occult vibes, but those are caused by hexed piecings they must adorn themselves with. Each witch doctor operates differently and heals/enchants objects in their own personal way with their own personal motives.

HIGH TIER TITLES (for bosses and higher):

•CHARMER: A charmer can cause anybody to fall into a head-over-heals lust spell over them and can go as far as making others worship their physical appearance. This can happen regardless of the victim's previous opinion and relationship with the inflictor. A well-trained charmer can cause a massive charmer's spell to engulf a whole population at once, causing whole cities to have an overpowering shallow endearment towards them within a very small time frame, if not instantly. Charmers may utilize their powers in ways that range from persuading someone to do them a favor to easily siezing a mass of people.

Charmers must be careful because it can be difficult to reverse the spell. Victims may descend into an extremely passionate or even crazed state and harass the inflictor.

•DYNAMO: Primarily, a dynamo is a cog who can move with extraordinary physical speed. They are immune to the effects of high speed travel, including friction, g-force, inertia, etc. Dynamo cogs are mostly, but not always, a smaller, more nimble and lean cog.

Dynamo cogs also have a super enhanced metabolism to keep up with the energy needed to carry out their power, a faster processing system, and an enhanced perception. They can easly tire out and must be careful with how they expend their energy.

•SPECTREMANCER: A spectremancer can assign a spirit to an item, which enchants the object. Spirits have a small amount of control and can fidget minimally. Depending on the spirit, the enchanted object may have new magic properties or a curse.

The object acts like a prison/cage and contains the spirit infinently. Within the object, they cannot do harm. (Thankfully) they can be brought back out by another spectremancer, a witch doctor or a necromancer.

•NOXOMANCER: A noxomancer is a cog that can cause any liquid or object to become toxic, secrete toxic ooze from any body part/orifice, as well as make themselves toxic to touch. They can manipulate the toxicity of anything, including making something lethally poisonous become harmless.

They themselves are immune to acidic materials that would otherwise corrode or harm their bodies.

















MID TIER TITLES (for normal cogs):

LOW TIER TITLES (for flunkies/goons):