Cogs can form unique sensory links with all of those that they grow close to. The ability to form them varies among every one, and that can range from spawning them almost immediately to barely being able to muster them after years. This is innate and not due to a cog's ability to empathize or grow close to someone, but there's a special enhanced ability that that does measure those. Cogs who have remarkable abilities to empathize, comfort, and put out good feelings grow an ability to channel these efforts to someone from far away. It doesn't always work, but when it does, the recipient will be shrouded in a blanket of serenity and comfort.

Those that can vibe channel also form extra sensitive sensory links and will almost share the feelings of their partner. It can be overwhelming for them to create more than a few links with others, and for some it's too much to form more than one. A channeling link is much better than the average sensory link, but isn't as good as the deluxe links a host can form.