The bots have a hierarchy system, and it looks a little like this: Apex (A) > Acolyte (B) > Boss (C) > Entourage/Assistant (D) > Normal (E) > Flunky/Goon (F). "Rank" and "Tier" are two words that mean the same thing and either can be used. Definitions below!

Apex: Referred to as A class - highest tier of cog. The six creations of CORPUS who were sent out to conquer humankind.

Acolyte: Referred to as B class- second highest tier and personal assistants to the apexes. They often aid with the creation of the bosses, the building of cities, and other things.

Boss: Referred to as C class - current or past leader of a branch. They are generational. Ages 0-12 they are referred to as trainees, 13-17 they are apprentices, and 18+ on they are officially a contemporary boss. Bosses with a trainee/apprentice are referred to as a mentor. Mentors of the contemporary boss are referred to as senior bosses and are still in power. When they grow tired of ruling, they gain a retired status.

Chief: Boss of the daxoids; is in charge of the other bosses as well as the soldiers and artillery.

Warden: Boss of the vexoids; is in charge of executing punishments and the nation's largest prison.

Treasurer: Boss of the cupoids; is in charge of taxes and the nation's largest bank.

Host: Boss of the auctoids; is in charge of technological advancements as well as social events.

Boss Assistant: Personal assistant of a boss. Pretty obvious.. referred to as D class.

Entourage: Also referred to as D class - A group of cogs that surround a boss in public as well as help behind the scenes. The boss selects their entourage themselves based on who they've bonded with (an entourage is made up of previously E-class cogs, so its like a neat promotion!)

Normal cog: Referred to as E class - normal cog citizen.

Flunky: Low-tier cog that is small, has human skin tones and serves as servants to the higher tiers. They are F-class!

Goon: Low-tier cog that varies in size and has greyscale skin tones, a powerful high-tech eye, and serves as police/enforcement/guards. They're also F class.

Levels: Strictly used for normal cogs, flunkies and goons; it determines their height and power. 1-4 is used for flunkies/goons and 4-8 is used for normal cogs. A cog's level will be attached to their rank if it applies, for example F1 or E8, which are a very small/weak flunky and a very tall/powerful normal cog.