cupoid ?/ E7 ?/ true dominant ?

Sponsor: Corsican / Sponsored: unknown ?

Her two states seem to be her "bubbly" mode and her "protective" mode with barely anything in between. When she's bubbly, she's generous, kind, and frivolous, splurging exclusively on whoever she loves and handing out her affection like bible tracts to them. However, when her protective side is provoked, she isn't someone to be messed with.

Her generosity is all thanks to her influx of wealth she was born into. It's not necessarily hers to spend but nobody really wants to tell her she has to stop. A lot of it's probably fake anyways.

She has an extensive expensive earring collection and loves every kind of soda pop there is.

female / pansexual

Scale of desire:8 / Scale of availability:4 / Scale of deviance:9

They'll call you: Darling

Sensory link info: Easy for her to form them, and has a moderate difficulty maintaining them